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Strength Bootcamp

Strength camp consists of a group hard-working, dedicated men of all ages looking to shed pounds of fat and get extremely fit. This group meets in a focused environment at a given time several three days a week to Build Bigger, Leaner Bodies and Support One Another In Setting and Meeting Life & Performance Goals.

When you join Strength Camp, you can expect to train hard, hard and harder. In our facility, you will not find the "carpets and chrome" that you find in typical fitness gyms. We will be using Sandbags, Sled Dragging, Body Weight Training, Kettle Bells, Stones, Kegs and Tires!

The bottom line. we give you the tools to succeed and stimulate the motivation to keep you winning and on top of the pack- NO EXCUSES!

X-Fit Class

This class is designed to significantly improve your fitness level and burn unwanted bodyfat. It consists of body sculpting, plyometrics and conditioning and is great for the figure competitor preparing for a contest or just anyone else wanting to get in great shape.

The class is held on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings at 7:00 PM on a drop-in basis. Cost is $10.00 per class.

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