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Mandy Hogue
I started working out with Michelle last November. At that time my primary goals were to put on muscle mass and possibly start competing in amateur figure shows. Although I I have decided against competing for now, I have seen nice changes in my body. I am a very hard gainer, but I have lost body fat, and gained some mass in the last 9 months. I really enjoy working out with Michelle and have gained not only a great trainer, but also a very loyal friend.
- Mandy Hogue

I have only been going to elite force for about 5 or 6 weeks, but in that time I have lost 3% body fat. I have been attending the early morning class and I am here to tell you, if I can do it, anyone can. I do see some results, but even better, I feel really energized!!! I can almost say that I am enjoying working out (which is a good thing coming from me).
- Heather

Kris Weaver
Kris Weaver
I came to Elite Force in February 2004 to prepare for an upcoming ski trip (I hadn’t been on skis in over 8 years). Sara worked with me for the month leading up to my trip (she’s a great trainer!), and the payoff was huge…I was able to enjoy my vacation and ski every day that week without being exhausted by noon and without the agony of sore muscles (anyone who skis will appreciate that!). Sara definitely knows her stuff, and she has a way of making you want to work hard!

After vacation, I decided to keep going to Elite Force. During that time, Michelle was preparing for an upcoming Figure competition, and I was intrigued. I started asking questions about competing, and I decided to go watch Michelle (she did great too…she won overall!). Needless to say I was inspired and decided to give it a try! Sara, Michelle, and Rob all played a huge part in getting me ready...answering all my questions, setting up a muscle building strategy, diet, posing, and most importantly encouragement and emotional support through the whole process. My first competition was October 30, 2004, and I was definitely satisfied with the results. I competed again in March, 2005, and feel that I showed a lot of improvement (check out my pics in the Photo Gallery). I’m planning on 2 more competitions this year.

Choosing Elite Force is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Not only do I feel better, but I’m in the best shape of my entire life, and I couldn’t have done it without Sara, Michelle, and Rob!
- Kris Weaver

Debbie Burdick
Debra Burdick & Sara Keith
Since I've been coming to Elite Force & working out with trainer Sara Keith,I not only look better but I feel better too! Sara is such a motivational "tool" for me at this stage of my life.She pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. I'm beginning to see results that have long been gone and I'm loving it.Now when people notice the difference,I take pride in saying-"I've been working out with a personal trainer"...it's Sara,thank you so much. Totally hooked.
- Debra Burdick

My mom and I have been working with Sara now for about 4 weeks, and I already can see a big difference! Sara is able to give my mom, age 50, and myself, age 24, an intense workout at the same time! Plus, after each work out, I have so much energy. It has been a great change in my life!
- Molly McClure

I did not come to Elite Force for the same reasons as most.....uu see I am 72 years old. Last year I was way out of shape, too heavy, and just right for a heart attack. That's exactly what happened.

After the Cardiac Rehab instructions I was told that I must have a regular routine of exercise, including weight training,as well as diet. Michelle Grissom customized a plan just for my age and condition. After only four months of regular training, I can't believe how my strength has improved. My balance and coordination and all over health has greatly improved. This type of exercise is a must if I am to continue to lead a full independent life.
- Jane Baer
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